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Hi, I'm Tahira. 

I've been a certified Ascension Coach since 2020, a certified Master Ascension Coach since 2022 and affiliated with Twin Flames Universe and since October 2019 in twin soul unity with my twin soul.


Here is the story of how it came about:


I met my soulmate when we were both 15. I always felt a strong connection and could hear his thoughts and feel "his" feelings. First of all, I was constantly infinitely triggered.

And I could never stop thinking about him.

We've often tried to be in a relationship, but it never lasted long.


Still, it had never really started and never really stopped.


In 2015 my awakening process began. I went looking for answers. I quickly came across the topic of twin souls and the common tips in German-speaking countries, about cutting off, blocking, etc. I had read every book in German and really tried these tips, I didn't get any further. The pain didn't get any less and nothing progressed in the relationship with my twin soul.

I was looking for a naturopath(Mam Sai)and completed with her 3 years of medial training on the human energy body as well as experiencing and studying about 200 Mam Sai healing essences. Here I learned meditation, connecting to the source and feeling blockages in myself and others. Since my ancestry on my mother's side is very psychic and my family of origin lives Sufism, it was quite easy for me to reawaken this rusty well. At the same time, I was still looking for answers regarding my twin soul journey and I found Jeff and Shaleia's work.


A whole new world opened up. Completely different approaches than the usual ones in the jungle of the Internet. A solution! It is possible! I don't have to cut off my twin soul! I started doing the mirror exercise daily and invested in Ascension coaching and theTwin Flame Ascension School. The relationship with my soulmate got better every day.

I slowly built up my vocation and combined my knowledge and my experiences.


In 2019 I emigrated to Mexico with my children and since October 2019 my soulmate and I have achieved twin soul unity.


We still have work to do, but the illusion of separation has been healed to the core.

I study Jeff and Shaleia's work daily. .

I love my job.

I love passing on what I learn to my clients.

I love going deep and finding blockages and choosing unity here again.

I love being vulnerable and my clients open up too.

I love to serve and share the work of Jeff and Shaleia.

I am infinitely grateful that the 20 years of suffering and misunderstanding are over.

I love my teachers Jeff and Shaleia who bring us ever closer to God and our own truth.

I love my soulmate who always loves me no matter what. My greatest teacher, friend and lover.

i love love


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