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Verschwommene Blumen


A journey to yourself.

The Twin Flame journey is a journey back into your true, authentic self. Together with your ultimate lover, who supports you, accompanies you and loves you unconditionally.

  • Have you met someone you can't get out of your head?

  • This special person has been with you for a long time?

  • Somehow you don't make it into a relationship even though you love each other so obviously?

  • You are sometimes infinitely hurt and don't know how to deal with it?

  • You can't stop loving no matter what?


Congratulations! You are on the Twin Flame journey! 

Your twin flame and you are ONE consciousness. Created from Source itself as feminine and masculine polarity. Your Twin Flame is your perfect mirror that reflects all your points that are not in unity with love. It hurts sometimes, I know. 

You can get into a relationship with your Twin Flame when you have healed your main wounds and that works best with the Mirror Exercise.

Since common codependent relationships don't feel good, you've decided to find your one true love. Now, in the course of your existence, you have experienced hurts that stand in the way of true love, and your Twin Flame points this out to you.

The Twin Flame journey is a spiritual journey. Eventually you will be healed to such an extent that you have raised your vibration to the vibration of harmonious union, and then your Twin Flame will come all by himself.

Your Twin Flame is your greatest teacher, student, friend, lover and business partner. 

I am passing on the teachings of Jeff and Shaleia, as this is the only teaching I know of that produces Harmonious Twin Flame Unions. Jeff and Shaleia have been Harmonious Twin Flame Union since 2014 and show us the way, share their experiences and are Spiritual Twin Flame Master Teachers. I recommend this to get started the book.

For me, the Twin Flame Journey is the most transforming path into love itself. 

You need support on this journey. I've been trying to do it alone for a long time too. It's much faster if you get help. Someone who has already walked the path and is familiar with healing and blockages.

You're not alone. You are not crazy. Very, very many walk the path. let me help you

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